About Us


This website is a company of two 40-yrs- plus veteran handicappers, Victor and Ernie, who supervise a team of five employees who computerize thoroughbred handicapping software on two programs that Victor wrote in 1987. We are not in competition with any large conglomerates, or other websites of this nature. Our software is a comprehensive program that evaluates every aspect of each race. Our data is fed into our software, which delivers to you the highest percentage to the lowest percentage in a rate format and a betting status. Our software delivers a high percentage of Winners, Daily Doubles, Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, Pick Threes, etc. 

We know the following: 

  • Where every horse’s nose is from the second the gates open, from the first horse to the tenth, out of the gate. 
  • How fast each horse runs for each ¼ of the race. 
  • Which horse closes the fastest in the last 1/8 mile of the race. 
  • What position each horse is in for the entire race. 
  • How many lengths each horse is off the leader for the entire race. 
  • Each horse’s fractional time throughout the entire race. 


Our software also contains a point system, plus or minus, for the following: 

  • the weight of each horse 
  • jockeys, trainers, and race conditions 

Our handicappers will provide to you the predicted winner of a race with no prejudice towards the odds of a horse. The strongest predicted horse computerized from all the tracks, will be delivered to you as the best bet of the day, entitled “PRIME BET”. The horse, for each track, computerized to have the longest odds will be delivered to you as the “LONG SHOT” of the day. 


 This is what we are about and, “THIS IS WHAT WE DO." WE WILL TAKE YOU TO THE FINISH LINE.